Thing 1: Blogging

This is the first of 23 things and you should start your journey here. In this thing, you will learn about blogging, set up a blog and make your first blog post.

Thing 2: Open Badges

In this thing, you’ll learn about Open Badges, register for an account and apply for your first two badges.

Thing 3: Why digital?

In this thing, you will explore why you, your employer and people who use services might benefit from developing your digital capabilities.

Thing 4: Digital footprint

Many people don’t know how big a digital footprint they leave when doing things online. Completing this thing will help you understand digital footprints.

Thing 5: Social media #1

In this thing, you will have the opportunity to reflect on what you do on social media and consider personal and professional boundaries.

Thing 6: Digital security

Completing this thing will give you the opportunity to consider digital security which is relevant for both your personal and professional life.

Thing 8: Facebook

In this thing, you’ll get the opportunity to consider the hugely popular and influential social media platform Facebook, and how you can use it safely.

Thing 9: The Cloud

In this thing, you’ll develop your understanding of the ‘Cloud’ and explore what opportunities it presents for you, your learning and people who use social services.

Thing 10: Podcasts

Learn about podcasts, how to access them, and which ones might support your learning and development.

Thing 11: Twitter

Learn about Twitter and how it can be used to support your practice, your organisation and your learning and development.