Thing 20: Collaboration

This thing allows you to collaborate on a document with other SSSC 23 Things participants and take part in and set up an online poll.

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One of the key factors in the development of the internet is the shift from people merely accessing, reading or listening to content, to interacting, creating, collaborating on and sharing content. Developing your digital capabilities in a way that allows you collaborate with others is becoming more and more important.


a) Contribute to a shared document.

Choose one of the following collaboration platforms and make a contribution to the shared document. The purpose of these documents is to build a bank of advice for future 23 Things participants.

  • Padlet – Padlet is an application that allows people to easily express their thoughts on a common topic. It works like an online sheet of paper where people can put any content (for example, images, videos, documents, text) anywhere on the page, together with anyone, from any device. To ask for access to the shared Padlet, please email with the subject line ‘23 Things Padlet’ and we’ll send you a link.
  • Google Docs – Google Docs allows documents to be shared, viewed, commented on and edited. To ask for access to the shared Google document, please email with the subject line ‘23 Things GoogleDoc’ and we’ll send you a link.

b) Take part in and set up a poll.

A simple way of encouraging collaboration and online participation is using polls. Doodle is a simple, free service which allows you to set up polls and schedule meetings with a wide range of people.

Take part in the ‘Future topics for 23 things’ poll and vote for the topics you’d like to see us develop more 23 Things resources for.

Next, set up a poll of your own on any subject you like. Invite some people to take part in your poll and see who responds and what the results are. You can register for a free account with Doodle to do this or use Twitter if you have an account.

To create a poll in Twitter, simply choose the ‘Add poll’ button where you normally compose the text of your tweet, as shown below.

c) Blog.

Write a blog entry of at least 100 words reflecting on the above activities. Your entry should include the advantages and risks you have identified about working collaboratively online and how you found the process of setting up a simple poll. If you want to you can post a link to your poll so other 23 Things participants can take part.


d) Wikipedia / Wikimedia.

The Wikimedia Foundation is the non-profit organisation that supports and operates Wikipedia. They also support a wide range of open knowledge projects.

Wikipedia is the best known of these projects and is a free and open encyclopaedia where anyone can view, edit and ask questions. It is edited and written collaboratively by people from all over the world and anyone can edit and contribute.

Play the Wikipedia Adventure

The Wikipedia adventure is a game based tutorial designed to introduce a beginner to editing Wikipedia. The adventure tutorial takes around one hour to complete and you can pause and start it again at any time.

Image credit: Good Article Collaboration, Public Doman.

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