Thing 12: Apps #1 – Supporting practice

Learn about apps which you can use to support your practice.

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Apps, short for applications, are software which you can download and install onto various devices, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, smartwatches, desktop computers and laptops. They tend to be in official App Stores for your given device but can sometimes be downloaded from other sources.


a) Download one of the following apps to the device of your choice. We suggest you choose the one most suited to your current job role.

Learning Disability – Talking Mats

Young People (teenagers) – MoMo

Adult Support and Protection – ASP

Medication Administration– SafeMed

Carers – Carezone

Visual Impairment – BeSpecular

Alternatively, if you already have an app on your device which supports your practice and/or the people you support, or have found another app you find useful, check that you have the latest version, then move to section b) below.

b) Explore the app and make notes about the following:

  • usefulness
  • ease of use
  • accessibility
  • value for money (if you have paid for app)
  • security.

c) Blog.

Write a blog entry of at least 100 words on the app you decided to download and explore. Making reference to the criteria in section (b), think about how you might be able to use this in practice. If you have already tried using it in practice, you should talk about how this went and what if anything you would do differently the next time.

Image credit: Apple app store according to the New York Times by Wolf Gang licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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