Thing 2: Open Badges

In this thing, you’ll learn about Open Badges, register for an account and apply for your first two badges.

Open Badge Information

Open Badges: SSSC 23 Things Digital – Thing 1: Blogger and SSSC 23 Things Digital – Thing 2: Open Badges


a) Watch the video below to learn about Open Badges.

b) Read this article on Open Badges.

c) Register for an account at

d) Blog.

Write a blog post reflecting upon your thoughts regarding Open Badges and their potential as a way of demonstrating professional development. Remember to tag/label your blog post with SSSC23things!

e) Apply for the “SSSC 23 Things Digital – Thing 1: Blogger” and “SSSC 23 Things Digital – Thing 2: Open Badges” badges, using links to your blog posts as evidence.

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  1. William McConnell says:

    I think this is a geat idea for Social Service Workers, integrating up to date Technology within working practice s, day to day.

    1. George Burton says:

      Thanks for the feedback William – we’re really excited by the enthusiasm we’re finding in the sector as we promote the use of Open Badges.

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