Thing 21: Digital legacy

In this thing, you’ll explore the concept of a digital legacy, and what it means for you and the people you support.

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The way information is stored has changed and as a result we need to think about what will happen to our digital identity, the things we have put online, once we die. In the past, a person may have left instructions as to what should happen to personal things, such as photographs, diaries, home videos and other recordings. Many people now store much of this content online. How do we control who has access to what after we die? What will happen to your social media accounts, your blog and any other online accounts you have?


a) Read the article Our Digital Afterlife published in the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland.

b) Watch the following video, produced by the Digital Legacy Association.

c) Download the Digital Legacy Association’s Social Media Will Template (Excel file)and complete one for yourself. If you can’t access the Excel file, you can preview it at the Digital Legacy Association website.

d) Explore at least one guide from each of three categories below.

Hardware / device guides

Mobile phone guide

Tablet guide

Computer / Laptop guide

Social media guides

Facebook guide

Twitter guide

Instagram guide

Linkedin guide

Google guide


Website and Blog guide

Online bank accounts and subscriptions

e) Blog.

Write a blog post of at least 100 words reflecting on your thoughts about your own digital legacy and how you might advise the people you support or will support in future. If your organisation currently advises the people you support on managing their digital legacy, you should make reference to this.

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