Thing 22: Improving outcomes

In this Thing, you’ll be asked to think about how technology can improve outcomes for people who use services.

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Open Badge: SSSC 23 Things Digital – Thing 22: Improving outcomes


This Thing will help you to think creatively and critically about how established and emerging technology can support improving outcomes for those who use your services. Technology enabled care is an area of growing interest in Scotland and it’s important the workforce understands the implications this may have on practice and learning.


a) Think about digital technology that you are familiar with (such as email, mobile phones, the internet), and consider how well it is currently used in terms of your practice and your service. What positive impact do you think it has/could have on the outcomes for people who use your service?

b) Consider some digital technology you are less familiar with and consider what opportunities it may present service providers and practitioners with a view to improving outcomes for people who use services. Search online to discover more about developments in technology-enabled care, such as:

    • the Internet of Things (IoT)
    • wearable technology
    • virtual reality
    • augmented reality
    • facial recognition
    • voice recognition.

c) Blog

Write a blog post of at least 100 words reflecting on the above activities. Focus on the actual and potential benefits to people who use services, rather than describing the technology itself.  Also consider what barriers might prevent your chosen technologies being used to their full potential and think about how you can work around or remove these barriers.

Image: Elite HRV Heart Rate Variability Reading by Txjason is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.