Thing 18: Social Media #2

In this Thing you will learn more about social media and how your organisation and the SSSC use it.

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Social media is a way to communicate with the public and importantly, the people who use or might use your service. It’s becoming increasingly important to consider how your organisation uses social media to inform service users about what it does.


a) Read Social Care Meets Social Media: What’s Holding the Sector Back?

b) Your organisation

Find out what sort of social media presence your own organisation and service has.

Bigger organisations such as local authorities or national charities will almost certainly have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and even a YouTube channel. Does your particular service? If so, how up-to-date and accurate is the content? If your service doesn’t currently have a social media presence, do you think you it should, and on which platforms?

c) The SSSC on social media

Did you know we are on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Explore our various social media sites and find a resource or discussion of interest to you.

d) Blog

Write a blog post of at least 100 words reflecting on the above activities. Include a reflection of your own organisation’s social media presence, thinking about what it does well, and where you think it could do better, using links to illustrate where possible. Also mention which part of the SSSC social media presence you found most useful.

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