Thing 1: Blogging

This is the first of 23 Things and you should start your journey here. In this Thing, you will learn about blogging, set up a blog and make your first blog post.

Open Badge Information

Open Badge: SSSC 23 Things Digital – Thing 1: Blogger

Counts towards: SSSC 23 Things Digital – Digital Communicator


A blog (or weblog) is an online space where a blogger (or author) can express themselves. It’s like an online journal which can be updated as often as the blogger wants. Some people choose to blog daily, weekly or monthly and some people only write a blog when they have something to blog about. If someone is interested in a blog, they can subscribe, which means they will be sent an alert when there is a new blog post.

Each of the 23 Things asks you to reflect on the activities you have carried out and write at least 100 words about it. Using a blog format will let you easily share your work with other people who are also working through the 23 Things. You’ll be able read what others have done to complete each Thing, comment and get feedback on your blog posts.


a) Set up your blog

There are a number of free and paid services for blogs. We suggest you use any of the free providers below.




Once your blog has been set up, please let us know! Send an email to with your name, email address and let us know the URL (website address) of your blog.

b) Blog and tag

Post at least 100 words on your blog introducing yourself, the purpose of the blog and something you’ve learned in the process of completing this Thing. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add pictures, videos or anything else you want.

A tag is a way of describing or flagging the content of your blog post and can also be used to identify posts of interest on a specific topic.

We ask that all blog posts with content relating to this SSSC 23 Things programme be tagged with #SSSC23Digital.

This allows us to pull those posts from registered blogs together so that all participants can read and share in the 23 Things experience.

In WordPress, tag your new post using the ‘Categories and Tags’ function.

In Blogger, you tag your post using the ‘Labels’ function.

In Tumblr, you tag your post using the ‘#Tags’ function.


  1. Sam Lloyd says:

    Blogging isn’t for me thanks as I will be busy with my BSc in Forensic Psychology from the 5th October again so I will not have the time to be working,studying and blogging amongst the rest of lifes distractions getting in the way.

    1. Tam Boyd says:

      Cool story bro.

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