Thing 5: Social media #1

In this Thing, you will have the opportunity to reflect on what you do on social media and consider personal and professional boundaries.

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Open Badge: SSSC 23 Things Digital – Thing 5: Social Media #1

Counts towards: SSSC 23 Things Digital – Social Media Champion


Social media is a reality and it’s  important that social service employers and workers understand how to use it safely and appropriately. It offers huge opportunities to connect with friends, colleagues and organisations around the world but it can also cause problems if not used carefully.


a) Watch the following video from the SSSC and explore the SSSC social media guidance for social service workers

b) Read your own organisation’s guidance on social media for employees and familiarise yourself with it

c) Read the following articles: How to Separate the Personal and Professional on Social Media and Social workers cannot ignore the role of social media in the profession

d) Blog

Write a blog post reflecting on the activities and how you currently/intend to manage the challenges posed. In particular,  offer a  reflection of your own organisation’s social media policies and guidance.


You can gain an additional Open Badge by working through either the Professional Boundaries (Adult Care) or Professional Boundaries (Child Care) scenarios on the SSSC Learning Zone Making Better Decisions resource.

Image credit: Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay


  1. Some links to blog entries which successfully completed this thing. Please read, comment and share!

  2. Here’s an interesting article with some helpful advice from someone who has written about Social work online.

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