Thing 10: Podcasts

In this Thing you will learn about podcasts, how to access them, and which ones might support your learning and development.

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Podcasts are digital audio files which are made available to download to a device such as an mp3 player, mobile phone or computer. They can also be played ‘on-demand’ where an internet connection is available. You can listen to podcasts at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

Podcasts are an example of ‘narrowcasting’ – that is to say that they are created for special interest audiences. There are podcasts available on an incredible number of subjects.


a) Find and listen to, or watch a podcast on a topic related to your practice. Here are some suggestions but we encourage you to find others.

‘Say Why to Drugs’ on Acast – Drugs and drug use.

‘Thoughts on the Social World’ – Social work and social care education and training.

‘IRISS.FM’ – Research, projects and events on topics related to social work and social care.

‘Podsocs’ – Podcasts for ‘social workers on the run’.

LearnCast‘ – the podcast from the SSSC Digital Learning Team.

b) Blog

Write a blog post of at least 100 words on the role you think podcasts might play in supporting your learning and practice. Provide a link to the podcast you listened to and discuss how useful and interesting you found it to be.

Image credit: Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash