Thing 1: Blogging

This is the first of 23 Things and you should start your journey here. In this Thing, you will learn about blogging, set up a blog and make your first blog post.

Thing 2: Open Badges

In this Thing, you’ll learn about Open Badges, register for an account and apply for your first two badges.

Thing 3: Why digital?

In this Thing, you will explore why you, your employer and service users might benefit from developing digital capabilities.

Thing 4: Digital footprint

Many people don’t know how big a digital footprint they leave when doing things online. Completing this Thing will help you understand digital footprints.

Thing 5: Social media #1

In this Thing, you will have the opportunity to reflect on what you do on social media and consider personal and professional boundaries.

Thing 6: Digital security

Completing this Thing will give you the opportunity to consider digital security which is relevant for both your personal and professional life.

Thing 8: Facebook

In this Thing, you’ll get the opportunity to consider the social media platform Facebook, and how you can use it safely.

Thing 9: The Cloud

In this Thing, you’ll develop your understanding of the ‘Cloud’ and explore what opportunities it presents for you, your learning and people who use social services.

Thing 10: Podcasts

In this Thing you will learn about podcasts, how to access them, and which ones might support your learning and development.

Thing 11: Twitter

Learn about Twitter and how it can be used to support your practice, your organisation and your learning and development.

Thing 14: Email

In this Thing you will learn how to manage, organise and work securely with email.

Thing 16: Learning digitally

In this Thing, you’ll develop your understanding of what is digital learning and assess your own capabilities.

Thing 17: Open Educational Resources

In this Thing you’ll learn about Open Educational Resources (OER). OER are free resources that have been made available for others to use, share and adapt to support learning.

Thing 20: Collaboration

This Thing allows you to collaborate on a document with other SSSC 23 Things participants and take part in and set up an online poll.

Thing 21: Digital legacy

In this Thing, you’ll explore the concept of a digital legacy, and what it means for you and the people you support.

Thing 22: Improving outcomes

In this Thing, you’ll be asked to think about how technology can improve outcomes for people who use services.